About Us

Morris Kitchen’s mission is to connect New Yorkers with local, and seasonal food. We believe that the best food is often unadulterated, fresh and organic. We strive to support small farms and businesses, and to reward their sustainable practices and hard work by featuring their products in our menus. Our goal is not to reinvent the way people eat but to share simple ingredients which can be rediscovered creatively. We often serve family style, with well-composed dishes that speak for themselves. The talent behind Morris Kitchen is a brother-sister duo, Tyler Morris and Kari Morris.

Tyler has been cooking in restaurants for thirteen years,and is passionate about seasonal ingredients and sustainable farming. From Sonoma Valley to Santa Fe, and now in New York, Tyler’s cumulative experiences have given him discerning tastes, strong intuition and well-refined skills. He is excited to be a part of this important point in history where classic culinary practices are catching up with twenty first century technology. Tyler most recently was a Sous Chef for Tom Colicchio’s Craftbar before branching out on his own.

Kari worked front of the house at Foreign Cinema restaurant in San Francisco for three years while studying painting at California College of the Arts. This is where her food crush blossomed into a full time love affair. From the table setting to the guest list, Kari has an eye for the details of bringing a meal together. Having graduated with a degree in Fine Art, Kari also organizes Art Fairs and enjoys teaching kids about local produce and healthy eating habits. She continues to successfully engage people of all ages with food and art by introducing them to new ways of cooking.

We look forward to sharing our food with you.